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"I do call myself a feminist. It’s worth paying attention to the roles that are dictated to us and to realize that we don’t have to fit into those roles. We can be anybody we want to be." [x]

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omg. amazing nails!

Sorry I need to reblog about 5 Lee Pace posts in a row. Just remembered how in love I am with Girl!Lee. <3

Me too, Dusty. ME TOO. <3

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===== Transcription follows ==========

[EL FACIL: Reserved Force for Revolution]

…arasaurus: Kam-AR-a-SAW-rus

They existed in great numbers, and could be seen everywhere. They probably in groups on marshland.

Camarasaurus period: Jurassic (160 million yaers ago) Discovered in Colorado, Utah.

Wyoming, Oklahoma. Length: 50 feet (about 18m)

EL FACIL decided that her daughter marry GTO.

Many pictures were exhibited in the gallery.

The factory chimneys showered the district with soot (GTO TWIN TURBO / PASSION RED)


Max. Output: 280ps/6000


…hink in the wall.

…ch other in love.

…on takes its

====== Transcription ends ========


Lieutenant Commander Frederica Greenhill Yang going to fight the patriarchy

She’s the best <3

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